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  • Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! This Easter, Yummy Mummy has teamed up with Noella Designs to bring you these beautiful, personalised Easter Baskets from Noella which tell each child “You’re special!” They come in the coolest fabrics and contrasting linings and can have your child’s name embroidered on them so no one can get their basket mixed up with anyone else’s and claim more than their share of the Easter egg hunt!

    Every kid loves Easter — holidays, dyeing the eggs and Easter egg hunting — but the best bit of all is your own basket, beautifully decorated and filled with all those yummy tooth-rotting candies like jelly beans, marshmallow chicks, decorated eggs, and a great big chocolate bunny in the middle!

    The Noella Designs baskets can be totally personalised with the fabrics from a beautiful selection of three patterns for boys and three for girls (adults will covet them too!). Each one will be embroidered in the thread color of your choice and boldly displayed in the front of your basket. Your little guy can have his basket in cool sailor stripes, or with sailing boats, while your little girl can enjoy sunshine shades and funky florals. The best thing is that you can use them as storage baskets, beach bags, mini picnic bags and anything else too — rather than chucking them away at the end of Easter.

    You can fill your little one’s basket with whatever you like, so you have control over what you child can eat and fully customise each child’s basket to suit them — but there’ll be no avoiding that sugar high!

    The Easter baskets from Noella Designs come in two sizes: medium (15cm tall, 15cm x 19cm base, handle 34cm end to end) and large (16cm tall, 15cm x 24cm base, handle 40cm end to end). They are hand-washable and made of 100% high quality cotton.

    All Yummy Mummies get a great deal for Easter. Details are as follows:
    – Medium baskets – $180 (without personalisation) or $220 (with personalisation)
    – Large baskets - $200 (without personalisation), $240 (with personalisation)
    – To get the basket delivered by Easter order cut of date is April 13th, 2011
    – Delivery is handled by post.

    Make sure you place your orders right away. For more information go to:

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