Picnic Mats

Noella Designs' Picnic Mats are Handcrafted and practical. They are perfect for picnic in the park, day at the beach or just nice when sitting on the site of the field watching soccer or rugby. The Picnic Mats are made of soft cotton and waterproof backing prevents moisture from the ground and keeps the mats dry. 

Cotton and Waterproof Nylon
Large enough for family use
Waterproof backing on the mat and lining in the bag

Gentle machine wash
Do not tumble dry

We offer two kinds of mats. 

Choose Padded Picnic Mats for extra comfort. Comes with a matching Carry Bag, which is also waterproof. No need to figure out how to fold the mat, just wrap it up and into the bag.

They are $ 550, size 200cm x 200cm

Madagascar Picnic Mat 

Madagascar Picnic Mat 

Fiji Picnic Mat 

Boracay Picnic Mat 

Boracay Picnic Mat 

Goa Picnic Mat 

Goa Picnic Mat 

Happy Picnic Mat 

Barcelona Picnic Mat
Barcelona Picnic Mat

Cape Town Picnic Mat

Naples Picnic Mat

Purple Flowers Picnic Mat

Carnival dots Picnic Mat

Venice Picnic Mat

Dotty dots Picnic Mat

Cyprus Picnic Mat

Savannah Picnic Mat

Terracotta Picnic Mat

Choose the Non-Padded ones portability and compact size. Comes with a matching pouch, with a clip on strap.

They are $ 450, size 200cm x 200cm

Venice Picnic Mat

Oslo Picnic Mat

Bilbao Picnic Mat

Autumn Picnic Mat

Orange/Grey Flowers Picnic Mat

White/Purple Flowers Picnic Mat

Green Flowers Picnic Mat

Orange Flowers Picnic Mat

Purple Jungle Picnic Mat

Dotty Dots Picnic Mat

Copenhagen Picnic Mat

Carnival Picnic Mat

Sydney Picnic Mat

Vienna Picnic Mat

Stockholm Picnic Mat

Purple Flowers Picnic Mat

Rio Picnic Mat

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