Kids' cooking classes

Noella Food will soon launch cooking classes for Kids.

We all know how much kids like to play 'home', and pretend they are baking with play dough. Why not give your child a chance to 'play' with the real ingredients, allowing them to learn some great cooking skills. Kids who are involved in the cooking process tend to have better and healthier attitude towards food. Even the pickiest eaters would want to have a taste at of their own creations.

Your child will learn how much healthier homemade food is versus eating out. The skills they acquire through these fun cooking lessons will boost their self confidence and creativity. They will also learn how to behave in the kitchen and how safety is of utmost importance.

Never thought your child could make fresh ravioli, bread, healthy pizza, ice cupcakes...
You will be surprised when your little ones return home capable to prepare a feast

Please email or call 6405 8555 for more information

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